Why Merino?

Merino wool is a high-quality form of wool that is particularly fine and soft. It does not scratch the skin, insulates well, is breathable and transports moisture. Merino wool is twice as light as normal wool, therefore it does not scratch and feels so soft and supple. The wool of merino sheep is characterized by thin fibers and dense fleece. Due to this fineness and density, air chambers are formed which insulate and regulate the heat. The wool can absorb a good third of its own weight in moisture in the form of steam and is also water-repellent. When your child sweats, the fibers absorb the moisture and transport it to the surface and outwards. Your child's skin is dry while the clothes feel wet. The evaporation process also cools and regulates the body temperature. Because of these properties, merino wool cools even in warm temperatures. This is all the more important as small children do not yet have a fully developed regulatory budget and older children are active in movement.

Eigenschaften der Merinowolle